Random Writings and Diaries

Quinn's diary from "The Crispin Glover" Tour:  Quinn sends updates from the road as The Crispin Glover embark on their "What Would Watt Do?" tour.

Updates from the Unpaid HGN Intern:  The Unpaid HomeGrownNoodles Intern puts forth an attempt to stay up to date on Quinn-related activity.

"Wear White and Come When I Call Orchestra" Diary Entries:  Jonathan Epstein of Awnings For Eyelids signs up to play banjitar with Quinn's "Wear White and Come When I Call Orchestra" on Dec 4 and chimps diary in the days leading up to the show.

Diary of a Wedding Band-Aid: Quinn sends the Unpaid Intern to perform at a Scottish Hippy wedding in Boise, ID in January, 2004.