HomeGrownNoodles.com: Quinn's record label.  Also the home of Frank Swank, Floydd Shagbark, and Swank (the band)

Fylo (the band):  Official website of Seattle sloprock band, "Fylo," who are the subjects of a soon-to-be-released documentary by filmmaker Jim McCabe, and with whom Quinn has performed.

Supergroup:  Experimental collaboration featuring Quinn and several other Seattle musicians.  Listen to entire shows and check out the debut album, "Man vs. Decency."

Jim McCabe:  Noted Seattle photographer, musician, and documentarian.

Jonathan Epstein:  Various solo efforts and other projects from member of Supergroup, The Crispin Glover, and Awnings For Eyelids.

Estocar:  Close friends and former bandmates, starring WWACWICO member Lance Hofstad and all-around handyman Jim McCabe.

Blue Moon Blog: Outstanding weekly summaries by the guy who books music at the Blue Moon in Seattle, WA.  In a world that's gone lamely blog-crazy, this stuff is super-entertaining.